'Leonardo da Vinci: Masterworks' highlights the work of one of the most well-known figures of the Italian High Renaissance and one of the most brilliant and talented individuals to have ever lived. Often referred to simply as ‘Leonardo,’ his work provided valuable contributions to a wide range of disciplines. In addition to art, these include anatomy, physiology, astronomy, cosmology, optics, and engineering, among others. His imagination, curiosity, and creativity made him an artistic genius who epitomized the Renaissance and humanist ideologies of his time.

'The Last Supper or Cenacolo', 1495-1497, Leonardo da Vinci, after its restoration completed in 1999, tempera and oil on plaster, 460 x 880 cm, Cenacolo Vinciano Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie (Unesco World Heritage List, 1980), Milan, Italy, 15th century.

Leonardo's most famous work, the 'Mona Lisa', is featured in this exhibition as a three-dimensional tactile print, allowing visitors to touch and intimately experience a piece that is considered by many to be the most famous artwork ever created. The 'Mona Lisa' is shown in association with many of his other notable works, all of which serve to highlight his skill and ingenuity, which helped lay the foundation for over 500 years of artists, designers, scientists, and academics.