Getty Images, the National Federation of the Blind, and Tactile Images have partnered to deliver more than 45 million images to the world's blind population at museums, science centers, libraries, and government programs that serve the disabled.

This initiative will significantly enhance educational opportunities and cultural inclusion for blind individuals worldwide.

Tactile Images is committed to providing tactile experiences for the blind. These transformative experiences allow visitors to develop an intimate connection with a wide range of visual and graphic material. Images designed for touch provide the opportunity to acquire visual information independently, without relying on recorded descriptions or the interpretation of a sighted companion.

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Many can explore the depth and complexity of their favorite artworks and images, often for the first time.

Getty Images has been committed to participating in initiatives that provide greater accessibility to visual resources representing the world's people and cultures. This commitment includes people from all backgrounds, including those who are blind or disabled.

Getty Images helps people truly experience the society within which they live, providing unique educational perspectives and increasing access to content that may have previously been inaccessible.

Their partnership with Tactile Images and the National Federation of the Blind reinforces their commitment to improving accessibility for and inclusion of people from all backgrounds.

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"When I experience a painting on my own, without someone explaining it to me, that represents Freedom, Independence, and Equality."

Lynn Jackson, became blind at age 60


Tactile Images is changing lives. Its innovative tactile printing process continues to have a profoundly positive impact on the blind communities by allowing them to experience visual content that was once inaccessible. For many, the convergence of sensory stimulation provided by Tactile Images is a deeply emotional and transformative experience.

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Museologist, Museum Accessibility Advocate [00:21]

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President of the National Federation of the Blind [01:00]

'Marines and Tet' at the Newseum

More than 1.5 million visitors experienced the exhibition over 14 months.