'Founding Father: George Washington' shares the story of George Washington. As general and Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army, he was a bastion of hope, courage, and strength while leading his forces to victory over the British during the American Revolution.

In addition to being a successful general, Washington was also a gifted statesman and politician. He served as the first President of the United States from 1789 to 1797 and presided over the Constitutional Convention, an undertaking which established the United States Constitution and laid the foundation for modern democracy. For these accomplishments, as well as many others, Washington is often referred to as the ‘Father of His Country’ and has served as a model for politicians and public servants for nearly 250 years. Many of the precedents he instituted during his professional life are still revered and practiced today. 

'Reproduction After Painting by Emaneul Leutze of U.S. General George Washington Crossing the Delaware River'.

The large three-dimensional tactile print in this exhibition features George Washington crossing the Delaware River at night to attack enemy forces at Trenton. This confrontation would lead to the Battle of Trenton and, eventually, the Battle of Princeton.