Tactile Images has ten years of progressive experience serving the blind through tactile printing. Our printing method is an innovative process that converts any image into a three-dimensional print that blind and disabled individuals can experience through touch, sound, and smell.

1. Image

Select the image(s) that you would like to utilize.

Utilize the search bar to discover images in the Getty Images collection. Once logged in, you can create imageboards, which can be shared with Tactile Images to start the production process.

2. Product

Select which product(s) you would like to purchase:

  • Tactile Print

  • Tactile Print with Braille

  • Tactile display print with control panel, braille, and text-added ready for installation.


3. Proof & Approval

Approximately ten days after submission, we will send you electronic proofs for your review and approval.

4. Fabrication, Printing, & Shipment

Schedule a free phone or video conference.

You are strongly encouraged to speak with one of our representatives to understand our innovative process and the solutions tactile printing can provide.

We also want to ensure that we fully understand your request and expectations. Meetings can be scheduled by contacting us directly at 518-392-4836; sales@tactileimages.com or by filling out the form below.

Please keep in mind that price and production time may vary depending upon the nature and scale of your request. Most projects take approximately three months to complete.

"As a blind father with both blind and sighted children, it thrills me that my family will be able to explore and appreciate great works of art, photographs, and other images together."

Mark Riccobono, President, National Federation of the Blind